What's the difference?: Uptown & Uptown DLX

So you've come across our Vintage Cruisers and you're torn between our Uptown and Uptown DLX. Both have a great classic look and a great range of colours, but when it comes down to it, what is the difference?

We scratch beneath the surface and help you get off that fence you're sitting on.

The Uptown

 The Uptown is a strong and durable bike that is capable of handling a few mishaps thanks to its steel frame. It makes for a comfortable ride thanks to the way the material absorbs bumps in the road, perfect for all the sleeping policemen! The Uptown also features alloy v-brakes, these are the same style of brakes used on mountain bikes, and offer smooth, reliable stopping power in any conditions. 


The Uptown DLX

Sparing no expense when it comes to the quality of it's parts, the Uptown DLX has been specifically tailored by our designers through feedback from its riders to make for the best possible ride. From pedals to hubs to handlebars to frame, the Uptown DLX is alloy through and through. This makes for a lightweight bike that takes less effort to pedal, offering easy riding, whilst still having all the great benefits of strength that steel offers. Also offering alloy caliper brakes, the same style as on road bikes, you know that when you need to stop, you're stopping.


The Verdict

The real decision maker here is budget. Although both bikes we've aimed to make affordable to the everyday casual rider, at $369 and $249 if you join 99 Bikes Club99 for only $5, the Uptown is the best value vintage bike on the market and perfect for those who need to save.  If your aiming to have the bike you purchase as your main everyday bike,  then the extra $100 for the Uptown DLX is more than worth it. No more struggling up hills, no more difficulties carrying your bike up a curb or into your home or work, you'll be thanking yourself for choosing a lightweight frame in no time. 

So,  we hope this blog has helped inform you on what lies underneath our bikes and the thought and care that goes into making our bikes perfect and affordable for you.  Make sure to check out our Cruisers and Vintage bikes by clicking here and keep an eye on out the blog for more original  content every week.