First Bike Guide


Kids bikes should be light enough for the parent to lift and handle easily. Generally, an aluminium frame will be lighter than a steel one.  If you struggle to lift the bike, then think how had it is going to be for your child to control, let alone pedal.

Luckily all of our Kids bikes come with an Aluminium frame, so no worries on your child struggling when first trying to learn!



We suggest for smaller kids whose bike will be the first, to avoid having gears, as they confuse young riders and just add weight.  Pedal advice would be to avoid gears until they reach at least the 20″ wheel size and then only consider them if they’re really necessary, or you'd like them to learn for their first 'Adult' bike.

Once your child is comfortable taking on hillier terrain, then gears become important. Start simple with around 3 gears. Providing 18, 21 or more gears, will confuse your child and put them off geared bikes for life. However to start off and to keep them enjoying learning to ride, avoid the gears altogether.



Like gearing and shifters, brake levers also come in different sizes. Our kid's bikes come fitted with scaled-down levers that are ideal for small hands to reach and operate. Meaning there will be no problems of stopping when they reach a wall or the lights.

Coaster brakes are found on our smaller kids bikes, and make it easy to slow down or stop, by pedalling backwards, rather than having to use a handlebar brake. Some kids (and parents) love coaster brakes, others hate them, so make sure to try them both out and see which suits you and your child best.


Chainguards protect your little one

A chainguard will protect little hands and legs from the bike chain. Not only reducing the chance of injury but making sure that their clothes stay intact and without stains! Our smaller Kids bikes and our Bam model feature chainguards